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Bobby Broom - Upper West Side Story

by Bobby Broom

Produced by Bobby Broom 
Recorded by Josh Richter at Victorian Recording, Barrington, IL 
January 17-19, 2011 
Mixed by Brian Schwab at Schwab Music, Chicago, IL 
Mastered by Allan Tucker at Tucker Sound/Foothill Digital, NY 
Additional recording by Gary Mielke at Static Shack, Indianapolis, IN 
Cover photography by Anna Dilthey 
Design and layout by John Bishop

Bobby Broom - Guitar 
Dennis Carroll - Bass 
Kobie Watkins - Drums (1-3,6,8,9) 
Makaya McCraven - Drums (4,5,7)

After 30 years of critically acclaimed recordings featuring compositions of the jazz and pop world's greatest writers, guitarist Bobby Broom releases "Upper West Side Story," his first recording of entirely original compositions. Providing a most intimate look at Broom's musical personality and the trio's fully developed group chemistry, the tunes reflect a wide range of influences across a spectrum of genres while always remaining deep in the tradition of the modern jazz guitarist. Included is the first studio recording of Broom's "D's Blues," of which a live video has been a fan favorite online for several years.