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The S.E.Charles Quartet - RED

by Sarah Elizabeth Charles

Released 04 September 2012
Sarah E. Charles: Vocals
Jesse Eldar: Piano
Berniss Earl Travis II: Bass
John Davis: Drums

Artwork by: Kimberly Knoll

”Red” touches on everything from uniquely crafted originals, to contemporary arrangements of jazz standards and re-workings of Haitian folklore music. Sarah’s creative energy pours out of each arrangement and original composition with a sense of warmth, passion, honesty, and a unique voice that acts as the tie that binds between each song in her varied repertoire. This energy creates an environment of sound rich with jazz, soul, folklore, drones, modal homes, engaging harmony, and rhythmic variation. The S.E.Charles Quartet, composed of Sarah, Jesse Elder (piano), Burniss Earl Travis II (bass), and John Davis (drums), has been together for two years working toward the sound that they have discovered today: one rooted in a musically intuitive nature and strong personal connections. Purchase your copy today!